[Video] How to Kiteboard Everyday

Ok, I have no idea how to make it so that I can kiteboard everyday.  Being in a landlocked city makes that goal extremely difficult to accomplish.  But, I love the trips we take where we can get out on the water.  This latest trip to San Pedro, Belize was no different.  We got to go out on two different days with Passionkite, and it was just such an amazing experience.

This was our fourth trip to San Pedro and our second experience with Passionkite. We went kiting two times this trip, and both sessions were absolutely amazing. Great wind, beautiful location, excellent gear, amazing service.


The sandbar that they take you to is a perfect spot to learn the sport. If you fall, just stand up, gather your board and go again.

Our instructors made it very clear that you should not feel bad about making them come pick you up. No kiteboarder wants to get a boat rescue, but it’s nice to know that the boat is there if you need it.

Passionkite makes San Pedro a perfect destination for anyone interested in kiteboarding.