The Best Double Stroller for Traveling to the Beach!

We love to travel and 9 times out of 10 we’re headed to the beach. Unfortunately, we live in the Midwest so getting to the beach with our 2 year old and 6 month old always involves jumping on a plane. When we started looking for a double stroller we knew we wanted the smallest thing we could get with decent size wheels so we could push it down the beach… after all parents shouldn’t have to give up their ‘long walks on the beach’. We found that the Mountain Buggy Duet stroller really fit the bill.


  • Both seats recline almost flat and independently – This was important to us because we purchased it when our youngest was not sitting up yet, but she could still ride comfortably and often slept in it.
  • 4-10″ wheels – We love this at home on uneven city sidewalks (seriously they’re really bad) as well as on the beach. The front 2 wheels will lock as well which is helpful if you want to jog with the stroller. Sometimes we drool over strollers with the larger wheels but we know that would make traveling with it hard.
  • Large under-seat basket – We usually load this up with the diaper bag, towels and a small cooler for beer… uh, I mean kids snacks!
  • Narrowest double stroller on the market – this double stroller is the same width as a single stroller, 24.5″ This really comes in handy for us because we live in an 1890’s 3 story, 14 foot wide rowhouse. We don’t have a garage, we don’t have a closet on the first floor… our house is mostly stairs (ok, not literally but that’s what it feels like sometimes). We can store the stroller on the door to the basement with a stroller hook! We actually have to pop one of the wheels off to get the door to shut but it’s quick and easy.
  • Carry bag – It fits perfectly in a Baby Jogger travel bag. This is how we travel with it, we put it on a dolly to get around the airport or let the kids ride in it and bag it right before check-in.


  • Fold – while technically it is a one handed fold you kinda have to jiggle it so it’s not really easy to do while holding a child.
  • Hard to carry when folded – this is why we will only travel with it in a bag. We have yet to gate check the stroller but I would put it in the bag then as well.

We’re actually big fans of Mountain Buggy products… I’ll add a review of the Nano and the Swift here soon!

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