Pick Your Puzzle

The world is full of uncertainty.  Now is the perfect time to do something about it.

To riff on an old Chinese proverb: The best time for you to have started your business was right when you started working.  The second best time is now.  Yes, even though the pandemic is with us.

There Are Other Options – But Read The Fine Print

You know that you need to make a change even though you’ve followed the path that was prescribed to you.  You completed your education, then went off to work.  At first, it seemed like you were going places.  You were progressing at work while bringing home an income for your family.  That was the goal.  

Now, you have a new goal.  You have a family who needs your time.  You want to travel.  The problem comes in when you consider how much satisfaction you get from your work. If you loved your employment, things would be… ok.  But, you don’t.  You want more.

You’ve considered your options.  


A Remote Job Just Doesn’t Offer The True Flexibility And Work Satisfaction You’re Looking For

I know because I went down this route.  Soon, you will realize that:

  • Landing a remote job that pairs well with your experience and interests is tough! It's much harder than finding a normal job.
  • Most "remote" jobs require extensive travel or regularly commuting to an office.
  • "Remote" doesn't mean you can do the work whenever you want.

Consulting and Freelancing Still Have A Few Strings Attached

Going on your own is definitely a step in the right direction, but it’s still not the best solution.

  • You thought you were the boss, but your clients tell you otherwise everyday.
  • Your livelihood (and stress level) constantly depends on that next contract.
  • This approach feels a lot like working at your old job except now you also have to deal with taxes and marketing.

But, Doing Nothing Is Not An Option!

You know that you need to do something.  You know that trudging off to a mildly rewarding job, sacrificing 40+ hours with your loved ones and not getting anywhere close to really scratching that travel itch isn’t the best approach.

You feel like you are progressing at work, bringing home a decent paycheck.  You get to see your family outside of work hours, and you even get to take a few vacations every year.

But, you know that something is missing.  You want more, like way more.

You want to be excited to wake up in the morning.  You crave to spend more time with your family.  And, at long last, you want the flexibility to be able to work from wherever you want.

If you haven’t looked for a remote job, just know that it really is a long and tough process.  The vast majority of jobs that you’ll get excited about will end up having significant travel requirements, regular commutes into an office and prescribed work hours.  I don’t think that’s exactly what you’re looking for.  

If you’ve experienced the frustration of consulting or freelancing, you already know that taking on the added responsibility of taxes and marketing just isn’t worth it.


Common Misconceptions Of Starting A Business

You’ve probably thought about starting a business.  You probably had similar misconceptions to me.  Your biggest hangups with starting a business sound like:

  • Starting a business is risky!
  • My skills don't translate into a business.
  • I don't know where to start.

If you read my “11 Challenges To Starting A Lifestyle Business – And How To Overcome Them”, you know that these challenges just aren’t legitimate concerns. 

If you are ready to work smarter and differently, you can create work that is absolutely fulfilling and rewarding.  You can create a business that lets you see your family when they need you.  Finally, your travel goals are possible. 

You Don’t Just Want More – You Want Way More!

You can’t wait for your work hours to be filled with ridiculously rewarding activities.  You want work to be fun!  You’re ready to look forward to Monday!  You desire “work” to be something you get to show off to your kids and your partner, something to be proud of, a legacy.

You want to be able to see your kids anytime you want, and have the energy at the end of the day to actually enjoy them.  Your loved ones want more time with you, too.  Your family wants you back!  

Your list of destinations you want to visit has only been growing.  You can’t wait to start ticking them off faster and show your kids how much there is to learn by traveling.  

Hi!  I’m BJ.

I am a lifestyle business mentor. I help people spend more time with their family, find “work” they love, and travel as much as they like.  Isn’t that what life is about?

My clients are tired of the usual way of life: go to a generally unfulfilling job, spend what little energy remains with their families, and enjoy their limited vacation days on a rushed timeline.  

They demand more.  They want to finally feel like they have supplied the time and energy their families need from them.  They crave work that they find rewarding and fulfilling.  Travel is no longer optional for them – it’s necessary to learn and teach their kids about the world.  

I’ll help you find the perfect match of your skills and your passions to connect with your ideal client.  You’ll learn exactly how to turn what you love to do into an income – that you can do from anywhere.  

At the end of our time together your life will be almost unrecognizable – doing work you love, taking care of your family, wherever you want.  

As a result of this program, you will:

  • Have a high level plan for your new business!
  • Understand the skills and passions that you can put together to help people (and make money!)
  • Walk away with easy and simple actions that you can get started on right away.


In just two sessions, we’ll get you headed in the right direction by following these steps:

  • The Picture On The Box - Questionnaire

We’re putting together a puzzle.  The first step is to figure out what you want the final puzzle to look like.  This is the picture on the front of the puzzle box.

You have started down a path of trying to get what you want: flexibility.  You either considered a remote job or actually started applying. In either case, you know what you want in terms of location.  Now, it’s time to consider when you want to work and what your ideal work consists of.  I’ll send you a questionnaire to help you sort through what exactly you want your work life to look like. It will also jump right into an exercise that will explore your existing knowledge and skills.  

The beautiful part is that you get to design it completely around your personal life, not the other way around.  This questionnaire is 20% to bring me up to speed and 80% for you to get very clear on what you want.  

  • The Corner Pieces - 90 min session

The next step of the puzzle is finding the corner pieces.  These are the pieces that are most easily recognizable, and you can figure out where they go.  This 90 minute one on one session with me is when we will sift through your existing skills, interests, and opportunities to figure out what you want your corner pieces to be.  By the end of the session, we’ll have identified several options on how you want to serve which audience.  

Our goal is to satisfy three requirements.  The holy grail is to find a product or service that:

  1. Utilizes your strengths and skills.
  2. Is something you love doing.
  3. Provides value for your target customer.  

Once you tame the whirlwind of ideas flying around your brain, you’ll get excited about actually being able to see a path forward!

  • A Few Side Pieces - Followups

Chances are you’ll walk away from our initial discussion with a few different avenues to look into.  This typically looks like researching online, talking to particular people in your network, finding examples of how others in your industry are doing what you want to do, or getting started creating content. 

This information that you’ll uncover represents a few pieces from different sides of the puzzle.  Aside from the corner pieces, the side pieces are the next most recognizable and easy to put into place.  With laser-focused actions, you’ll take 1-2 weeks to learn a little more about the path that lies ahead.  

I am excited for how much you’ll learn in this early planning stage.  You’ll open up your world to so many opportunities that have been there the whole time.  You just didn’t know how to train your brain to see them.  

  • One Side Complete - 30 min session

We will get back together via video call to discuss the exciting information you gathered.  This is when accomplishing your dream finally starts to feel possible.  During our first session, we came up with a few options and now we are whittling them down.  We will flesh out several options to determine your best path forward.

By the end of this session, you’ll feel energized and focused to continue down your chosen path.

  • The Puzzle Plan - Ongoing

We will discuss how you plan on continuing to put the puzzle together.  Are you going to schedule additional child care?  Find some time during the day?  Wake up early?  

When we part ways, you’ll know exactly what you need to be working on.  I’ll also lay out a few more steps beyond the immediate one.  You’ll continue a steady and deliberate pace toward the business that will fuel your lifestyle!

You know that doing nothing is not an option.  And, there are many ways you can justify this investment in yourself. 

Just imagine what your life will be like when you’re excited to wake up in the morning.  Think about how much your family will enjoy being able to travel as much as you like.  

For me, though (and maybe for you, too), think about how this investment will affect your family.  You’ll get to teach your kids how to pursue their dreams by leading by example.  Isn’t that an important lesson?


Are you interested in working with me?  Excellent!  Here’s how to get started.

Step 1: Click the button above that says “$197”.  A window will pop up guiding you to confirm an appointment time.

Step 2: After confirming a time, you will enter in your first name and email.  Lastly, press the “Pay with Paypal” button.  From there, you can pay using credit, debit or Paypal account.  

Step 3: Within 24 hr you will receive a questionnaire.  Please fill that out prior to our discussion.

Step 4: We’ll meet and figure out the best path for you to find rewarding work, enough time to support your family and be able to travel as much as you’d like!


11 Challenges To Starting Your Lifestyle Business – And How To Overcome Them

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