Kiteboarding in Aruba

Aruba makes the top 3 list of best kiteboarding in the Caribbean on almost every list.  That’s why this was our second trip to Aruba.  It was great because we were kiteboarding, of course, but the wind is very gusty.  I think it used to be better, but within the last 10 years, there’s a handful of high rise hotels that block the wind at the main kiteboarding beach.  One of the reason why it’s so highly regarded is that the wind is blowing year round.  A guy at the kiteboarding school, Aruba Kite, said that there’s only about 10 days a year that they don’t have enough wind for lessons.  That’s a pretty good reason to head to Aruba.

We both got 5 days of lessons in, but the wind was pretty weak on the last couple of days.  But, the same saying that normally applies to fishing also works for Kiteboarding: a bad day kiteboarding is still a great day.  Well, unless you get dragged along the beach or into an inanimate object.  That didn’t happen to me, but it’s easy to find horror stories along those lines.

ANYWAY, kiteboarding was great, and the city is very comfortable.  We rented a car, and I was the driver.  As soon as I figured out how the roundabouts work, driving was very comfortable.  There were a number of road signs that I never did figure out, but they didn’t seem to cause much of a problem.  I think they were no passing or no parking signs; neither of which I was doing, so I think we were good.




I didn’t have the GoPro for the first trip, so this was my first GoProing event.  I was super excited about that.