How To Get A Remote Job

This free resource will teach you a few tips to land a job you can do from anywhere.

I get it.  You need some more flexibility to handle all the things that come your way on a daily basis: child care falls through, contractor needs to stop by, kids have a doctor’s appointment, etc.  

Landing a remote job is more competitive than just any old 9-5, so you need to have a plan.  

Download this guide that is based on my experiences looking for the coveted remote work.

You Can Do It!

If you are here, then that means you have at least considered that “work” doesn’t have to mean suffering through a commute and doing it on someone else’s schedule.  I also know that you haven’t traveled nearly as much as you’d like!  Can anyone really satisfy their travel itch with just a few weeks of vacation per year?

You feel like you are progressing at work, bringing home a decent paycheck.  You get to see your family outside of work hours, and you even get to take a few vacations every year.

But, you know that something is missing.  You want more.

You owe it to your family to be able to support them when they need you.  And, that’s not always outside of the hours of 9-5.  

You want to be one of those families who gets to travel as much as they want, for however long they want.  

You want to be able to see your kids anytime you want.  Your loved ones want you home for lunch, or maybe you’re just tired of packing your lunch every morning. 

Add up your getting ready time, commute time, water cooler talk time and then ask yourself: what would you rather do with that time?  Maybe you’d prefer to get some chores done, make dinner, or perhaps even [gasp] sit still.  

If you are like my wife, our family’s travel agent, you probably want to dedicate some time to researching your next trip.  Because, I know that you would love to be working while you and your family are on a big, extended, international trip. 

You’ll stop calling your travels a “vacation”.  They will become a way of life.  They will just be “trips” from when you were “traveling”.  You can’t wait to hear your kids’ teaching their friends about other cultures and languages from around the world.  

I will teach you the best approach to searching for and landing the perfect remote job for you.  I have been there before, and I know the challenges.  The biggest challenge you will face is the sheer number of hours you will need to dedicate to this endeavor.  The trick to making this process as streamlined as possible is to have the right plan.  That’s what this guide will cover.  

Simply put, if you follow this guide, you will eventually land the remote job you’ve been dreaming of.  With it, you’ll find the benefits of:

  • The flexibility to help your family anytime they need, even during the day.
  • Way more flexibility when child care falls through.
  • Take care of whatever you need to when you need to: contractor visits, doctor’s appointments, school commitments, etc.
  • Zero commute time!


In this pdf, you’ll learn:

  • How to determine if you value time more than money?
  • The easiest way to land a remote job
  • The questions you need to answer in order to narrow down your search.
  • The most advanced technique in the search for any job.
  • A select list of 6 job sites that you need to scour.
  • What to do if you feel you aren't making any progress

You can finally land a remote job to eliminate your commute time and take care of the stuff around the house you need to.  Your spouse and family will thank you!

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Does anyone else have the problem of having few pictures of themselves and even fewer of the whole fam?  The good news is Jess and the kids are better models than I am 😉


How To Get A Remote Job

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