San Pedro, Belize

We spent 3.5 weeks in San Pedro, an island off the coast of Belize; 2.5 weeks was spent about two miles south of town and 1 week was spent at Captain Morgan’s. The first place was a house we rented on VRBO whereas Captain Morgan’s is a resort that is pretty much self contained. San Pedro was awesome! It was one of the first places we’ve been to where we would choose to go back to instead of venturing out to all the places in the world we’ve never been to!

The house was good. It took a little getting used to only because we had our two kids with us. I have a long list of things that could be improved on, but, overall, the house is clean, freshly remodeled and the pool is great!

Here’s our review of the house.  The short story is that it’s a nice house about 200 yards from the beach with a great pool.

Captain Morgan’s was great also, but in very different ways.  First and foremost, it’s on the beach!  The rooms are nice and clean.