Assemble Your Puzzle

You know your path.  You can see the business you want to assemble.  You just need to put the pieces together.

When the world starts to go back to normal, you’ll be doing work you love.    Eventually, we’ll be able to travel again – you’ll be ready to do a lot of it.  Eventually, you might even want more family time again 😉

You Finally Found Your Path!

I am so excited for you!  Honestly, just figuring out what you want is half the battle.  You’ll never get what you want if you don’t even know what it is.

I hope that it was helpful for you to think through the three different paths you can take on your journey to flexible and rewarding work: remote job, consulting/freelancing, and lifestyle business.

Deciding on the path might not feel like a major milestone, but it really is!

Now it’s time to start planning and putting the pieces together.  There’s so much to do!  And, as a parent, there’s already an infinite amount of work required to take care of the kids.  Somehow, you’re supposed to take care of the day to day AND build a business?

And, it’s not any business you are trying to build.  You are yearning for something that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world.  You want to use your talents and knowledge you already have to take things to the next level.  You want to be an amazing role model for your kids.  

Did I mention you want to do it from anywhere?  This is not just any old business you are building.  What you are building will allow you to travel as much as you like.

You want the business of your dreams that lets you do what you love – whenever, wherever.  

But Now What? 

When you are just setting out, there are so many different things you could start on.  You don’t really have great direction on what you are supposed to be doing.  

You are searching the internet for all the free downloads you can find.  You’re unsure of what actually needs to get done – what should be included and what shouldn’t.

Every once in a while, you feel like you find a right answer.  A guru on the internet said what you wanted to hear at the right time.  But, then you heard someone else say something completely different.

You feel like:

  • You finally know what you want, but don’t know how to get it.
  • You are stuck in a job that you don’t really enjoy (to put it politely).
  • The daily grind holds you back from pushing ahead.
  • The technical aspect is stopping you dead in your tracks.
  • You must be missing something.  You see others who have created flexibility.  It must be possible – but how?

The Overwhelm Doesn’t Have To Last

In the beginning, ramping up your business sounds impossible.  You get started, and then it even starts to feel impossible.  But, then something clicks.  All of a sudden, you get some traction – make a few sales.  Then, people start coming to you.  They love you!  They are throwing money at you asking for your help.  

You get into a groove.  You know exactly what you are supposed to be working on.  You have a routine.  The overwhelm washes away.  

Your family can feel the benefits of you doing what you love.  You have way more energy to devote to them.  Your spouse and kids notice that you have more patience.  

You get to exercise some of those benefits of self employment; you can travel whenever and for however long you want.  Your family LOVES the new vacation schedule.

You can’t wait to help more people.  You’re excited for Mondays (or whenever your “Mondays” are).  

Hi!  I’m BJ.

I am a lifestyle business mentor. I help people spend more time with their family, find “work” they love, and travel as much as they like.  Isn’t that what life is about?

My clients are tired of the usual way of life: go to a generally unfulfilling job, spend what little energy remains with their families, and enjoy their limited vacation days on a rushed timeline.  

They demand more.  They want to finally feel like they have supplied the time and energy their families need from them.  They crave work that they find rewarding and fulfilling.  Travel is no longer optional for them – it’s necessary to learn and teach their kids about the world.  

I’ll help you find the perfect match of your skills and your passions to connect with your ideal client.  You’ll learn exactly how to turn what you love to do into an income – that you can do from anywhere.  

At the end of our time together your life will be almost unrecognizable – doing work you love, taking care of your family, wherever you want.  

What You Really Want When You Say You Want Freedom

“Freedom” is an overused word.  In my experience, I find that when people say they want “freedom”, they really want the ability to choose.  When you work with me, you will gain the ability to choose what you work on everyday.  You will choose which tasks you do and don’t do.  You will be able to choose when and where you travel and for how long.  You will choose when you spend time with your family and when you get to work on your business.

It all starts with the actions you take in your business.

When you work with me, you will…

  • Develop the best business strategy to get the flexibility you crave.
  • Identify the best product or service to offer that supports your lifestyle.
  • Find an effective way to attract new customers that you enjoy doing.
  • Craft powerful and effective habits of setting long-term goals and linking them to your daily tasks.
  • Gain a dedicated accountability partner.
  • Wield the power of an MBA and an engineering Master’s degree in your corner.

Your Key To Finding Flexibility Is My Grow Your Lifestyle Business Program

My program is designed to deliver what you need, when you need it.  It follows a six part plan:

Session 1: Flexibility Plan

The very first step we’ll take together is to figure out what you want.  This vision of what you want your life to look like will start with two factors. 

First, how much do you want to travel and what type of travel?  How you travel will determine when you want to work.  Do you plan on having many, long travel days?  In general, do you want to work during daytime hours, before the kids wake up, etc?  Will you have consistent wifi or cell service?

Second, what type of business is most natural for your skillset?  For example, if you love to teach yoga, there’s a variety of ways we could build a business around that.  You could do in-home instruction.  You could create videos to teach people on their own time.  You could start your own yoga studio.  You could create yoga-centric products.  You could write a yoga book.  We will put your experience and skills together in the way that best supports your travel and lifestyle requirements.

Session 2: Your Offers

Your Flexibility Plan will point us in the right direction of how to best serve your customers.  The two factors, how much you want to travel and the nature of your skills, will be our guide in crafting the products or services you can offer to your customers.  

The focus of this step remains on you.  We will ensure that your offers solve a real problem for your customers, but we start with what you want.  We will ensure that you love the work that you are setting up for yourself.  You will set up your business so that you can deliver on your promises to your customers as well as to your loved ones.

Session 3: Money Plan

Most people avoid this part, but I’ll make it simple.  Yes, I will open an Excel spreadsheet for us to work on together, but, no, it won’t be painful.  I promise.

The goal is that you can maintain the lifestyle you want while also growing your business.  We will write down your revenue and expenses and look at the flow of cash through your business.  In order to reach your financial goals…  Are your prices high enough?  Is there enough time in the day to deliver on all your promises?  Is there enough cash flow to live your life?

We will look at your business from a dollars and cents perspective and make sure that the financial plan supports the lifestyle you are building it for.

Session 4: Connections

Aka Marketing and Sales.  But, that all boils down to just one thing – making a connection with your potential clients.  Selling something is as simple as understanding your ideal customer’s problem and solving it.  We already know the perfect offer that will do this, but we need to talk to them.  There are many ways to do this, but we’ll identify the ones that are perfect for you.  

I have a secret for you regarding marketing techniques… They all work!  You just have to figure out which ones you enjoy doing and those that fit into your lifestyle.  I recommend setting up a schedule to ensure that you do the ones that you decide on.

Session 5: Flexibility Systems

Everyone gets stuck at some point with actually creating the “thing” you want to create.  There’s software out there you can integrate for just about everything.  But, just thinking about the words “software” and “integrate” tends to make people a bit anxious.  Fortunately, I love the technical nitty gritty, so bring it on! 

I find that it’s the automation in our businesses that really enable the flexibility we are seeking.  So, this effort is absolutely worth it.  

If the plan we lay out doesn’t sound like what you want to do, you can always hire some help.  I can help you with that, too.  It all comes down to the sliding scale between time and money.  The information you need to create just about anything is available on the internet.  It’s just do you want to spend the time to figure it out?

I chose to take the time to do all the technical back end work (and you’ll have access to my experience), but your decision may be different.

Sessions 6 – 12: Your Freedom Plan

This can be one of the most effective steps at eliminating the overwhelm that creeps in on most entrepreneurs.  You may have the vision for your new lifestyle, but what are the steps that you have to take today to get you there?

Starting with a 3 year vision, we’ll back into a calendar of what needs to be done each month and week for the next year.

As you continue on your journey, I’ll help you make adjustments to each part of the plan.  You are going to learn what works well, what doesn’t, and you’ll get a deeper understanding of how best to serve your customers.

Get Unstuck

Maybe making an investment in yourself and your business makes you feel uncertain. 

But, be confident in knowing that someone else has done what you are trying to do.  By accessing their knowledge and experience you can shave months or years off of how long it takes to reach the revenues you desire.

However, I know it’s not that simple.  It can be scary going for your dreams. But, what’s scarier is not attempting to reach them.  

What Would Future You Do?

An Australian nurse spent 12 years counseling people who were dying.  She concluded that the most common regret was: 

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” – from the book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware.

Investing in yourself now will craft your future.  You will be working towards the lifestyle that you crave.  You will put actions in motion that will allow you to live a life true to yourself.

When you are ready to change your trajectory, schedule a free consultation with me.

I own and operate a multi six figure coaching practice and I couldn’t have done this without BJ’s consulting. He has a lot of knowledge and is eager to share it. He is patient and methodical and what I have found is any problem I encounter he has unequivocally helped me figure out the solution. I know that wherever I want to take my business BJ can help me get there. I can’t recommend him enough.
Dr Deb
Before I had my first consultation with BJ, I wasn’t sure if I really needed a “business coach”.  I have an MBA from a top program and 15 years of experience working for large companies.  While I was skeptical, I was also eager to gain perspective from anyone that could potentially add value.  I had just started my engineering consulting business, and I wasn't really sure what to work on first.  After each session I walked away with new energy, new ideas and an accountability to get something done for my business before our next meeting. Every small business owner knows it’s hard to balance the work and growing the business.  BJ helps with that.  His thoughtful questions will help you find your way.  I call him my "business therapist".  
Dale Messey
Messey Engineering
I knew how to make ceramic sculptures and busts of people.  That is what I love to do.  What I didn't know how to do was to turn that into a profitable business.  I had been working in my studio off and on for a decade or more.  I even taught a class here and there over the years.  I knew that I wanted to reach more people, but it just wasn't happening through word of mouth or my website like I had hoped.  I had a lot of ideas about how I could move forward, but I really wasn't sure where to start.

BJ took the time to understand the “art” business. And, he skillfully turned my unorganized ideas into a working plan.   He helped me refine my message and start making sales within just a couple of weeks.  He helped me understand what exactly I was trying to accomplish.  I finally had a strategy. 

He helped me fine tune my online presence so that I could find clients all over the US.  I knew that I wanted to be successful, but he helped me define exactly what that is.  That vision of success has added a lot of clarity in what I need to do everyday.  I know exactly what I need to do coming out of our weekly sessions, and that seriously cuts down on the anxiety of trying to figure out what to spend time on.  I am grateful for having BJ on my team. He is absolutely the best gift I have given myself and my business!
Katie Bensky
Bensky Studios

Investment: $2,997


3 monthly payments of $1,097

Are you interested in getting started?  Great!  

Are you interested in learning more or hearing my opinion on your current situation?  I love to talk anything business related and designing your perfect lifestyle.

Just select a “Free Consultation With BJ” below and choose a time to meet.  The first session is for both you and I to make sure that we are a good fit.  We’ll know in the first call if we are a good match.  

Hiring a business coach is not a small investment.  I want you to feel 100% confident in your decision. I have a no questions asked, money-back policy on all unused sessions and up to one used session.