Dream Vacations!

Life is short.  Funds are scarce.  And Vacation days are limited.  As a result, we end up dreaming of more vacations than we end up taking.  Here are a few dream vacations that we WILL take.  Oh yes, we WILL.  None of them are Ritz Carlton pricey, but they’re expensive enough to not have been on them yet.


#1)  Kiteboarding Cruise.

We have an unfortunate dilemma: we have two very expensive hobbies.  Kiteboarding is not something you can really get too far with in Saint Louis, so that has been our priority in terms of vacation destinations.  Our newest obsession is sailing.  This passion is borne out of the youtube channels we follow (see our Inspiration page) as well as our innate sense of fellowship with pretty much any body of water.  And, I feel like like I am getting something for nothing when wind is powering a boat’s motion.  The wind is doing what it needs to do whether the boat’s there or not; may as well use it to do something awesome.  But I digress…

We can’t wait to go kiteboarding while on a sailing cruise setting sail from the Grenadines.  We’ve spent some time youtube dreaming of both Kiteboarding Cruise and Caribbean Kite Cruise.

#2)  Southeast Asia.

Dream trip, but we need enough time to travel around after we’ve paid for the high priced plane tickets.  I don’t think Southwest flies there yet 🙁  Nomadic Matt has me daydreaming of location free work or just retiring altogether.

#3)  Bali

It’s called Island of the Gods!  Enough said.  I am drawn to it with its picturesque mountains plunging right into crystal clear, blue waters.  Bali and many other Indonesian islands routinely pop up in my Pinterest feed keeping Bali in the back of my mind.  Did you know there are 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago?  I mean if we are really talking dream trip here, I’d probably want to go sailing from island to island.  But, just getting to that part of the world would be a dream trip come true for me.  Here’s an infographic that really has me pushing for Bali!


8 Amazing Things You Should Know About Bali

From Visually.