Open Letter to my Kids

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Bash and Ellie: You probably won’t remember how I used to spend the majority of my time.  This was back when you spent more time with your nannies than with Mommy and me.   Your Mom and I just made a big life decision, and I wanted to let you know what happened just in […]

Beating Cabin Fever With Banyan Tree Kidz

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Jessica, was born with travel fever.  I’ve caught it from her.  And, our kids reinforce the behavior because the longer we’re home (and stuck inside during winter!) the more creative we have to be to keep them at bay. I’ve never seen our 4.5 year old so engaged as when he and I did several […]

How to Disney

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I am NOT a Disney expert… but I know some on Instagram.  We hadn’t even started doing any research or even purchased our tickets until about 1.5 weeks before we departed for Orlando.  Fortunately, Jessica started reading blogs every “spare” moment (“spare” time doesn’t exist as a parent – she basically just stayed up late […]