Dream Vacations!

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Life is short.  Funds are scarce.  And Vacation days are limited.  As a result, we end up dreaming of more vacations than we end up taking.  Here are a few dream vacations that we WILL take.  Oh yes, we WILL.  None of them are Ritz Carlton pricey, but they’re expensive enough to not have been on […]

Fort Myers, FL Take 5

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It’s my fifth time to Ft Myers, but I think Jessica’s been there a few more times than I have.  We are VERY lucky in that Jessica’s cousin, Sandy, moved to Ft Myers Beach right about the time Jessica and I met.  That means we have a free place to stay and great company in […]

San Pedro, Belize

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We spent 3.5 weeks in San Pedro, an island off the coast of Belize; 2.5 weeks was spent about two miles south of town and 1 week was spent at Captain Morgan’s. The first place was a house we rented on VRBO whereas Captain Morgan’s is a resort that is pretty much self contained. San Pedro […]

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Parental Leave, Yes Please!

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We recently added a new member to our family! 😉  While we were waiting patiently for her arrival the Zika news was a big deal so we halted all travel for about ten months (six months before she was born and a few months after). It was horrible! And being pregnant didn’t help… We received […]

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Kiteboarding Los Barriles, Mexico

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If you’ve done any googling/daydreaming of where your next kiteboarding spot should be, you’ve probably heard of Los Barriles.  It’s about an hour drive North from San Jose del Cabo (SJD) airport.  We read so many reviews about how great it is.  It always lists in the top 10 of kiteboarding locations in the Carribean […]

Kiteboarding in Aruba

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Aruba makes the top 3 list of best kiteboarding in the Caribbean on almost every list.  That’s why this was our second trip to Aruba.  It was great because we were kiteboarding, of course, but the wind is very gusty.  I think it used to be better, but within the last 10 years, there’s a […]