Bahia Honda Cabins, Sea Turtles, Robbie’s, and the Best Beach on the Keys

I was shocked at how amazing our cabin was in Bahia Honda State Park! We were amongst real campers in tents, located right on the water and had easy access to the best beach in the Keys.  It was a spacious 2 bed/1 bath with a pull out couch in the living room.  The cabin wasn’t the only nice surprise.

We found ourselves at Robbie’s by chance when we had to have an emergency stop for a potty break. I (and the kids) got a thrill watching the kids feed whole fish to the tarpon. They didn’t think twice about picking the bait fish up by their tails and tossing them to the prehistoric looking fish.  We also perused the gift shops, which were an experience themselves.

If you are curious what the best beach is in all of the Keys, it is definitely at Bahia Honda. We’ve been to Sombrero Beach and had a great time, but Bahia Honda is great for little kids.  No rocks and very small waves.

All of this action was set right on the lagoon in front of our cabin where sea turtles would come to surface about every 5 minutes! At one time, we saw 4 sea turtles on the surface at the same time! It was breathtaking! And, I got to see an animal that I’ve never seen before – a manatee.