Open Letter to my Kids

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Bash and Ellie: You probably won’t remember how I used to spend the majority of my time.  This was back when you spent more time with your nannies than with Mommy and me.   Your Mom and I just made a big life decision, and I wanted to let you know what happened just in […]

Beating Cabin Fever With Banyan Tree Kidz

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Jessica, was born with travel fever.  I’ve caught it from her.  And, our kids reinforce the behavior because the longer we’re home (and stuck inside during winter!) the more creative we have to be to keep them at bay. I’ve never seen our 4.5 year old so engaged as when he and I did several […]

How to Disney

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I am NOT a Disney expert… but I know some on Instagram.  We hadn’t even started doing any research or even purchased our tickets until about 1.5 weeks before we departed for Orlando.  Fortunately, Jessica started reading blogs every “spare” moment (“spare” time doesn’t exist as a parent – she basically just stayed up late […]

[VIDEO] Leaf Peepers?! Laconia, NH

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Have you ever been Leaf Peeping?  Yeah, well me neither, or at least not intentionally, until we took an autumn trip to New Hampshire.  We flew into Boston. We almost didn’t make it due to a 4-hour-delayed flight that put us into Boston at midnight with a 2 hr drive after that up to Laconia, […]

[VIDEO] Lake of the Ozarks Family Time

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I have been learning the value of cousins lately.  Bash and Ellie are ready to start socializing with other kids.  They both started school this week, which is a great start for that.  There’s just a different experience when they are visiting with cousins.  They have some cousins that are a year or two older […]

[VIDEO] Kuala Lumpur with Kids

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Part 1 of our 6 city, 3 countries, and 7 flights adventure through Kuala Lumpur, Bali and Singapore did not disappoint!  I was apprehensive about the longest travel time of my life plus doing it with two kids (Ellie is two and Bash is three) in tow.  Questions running through my head: How many changes […]

[Video] Best of San Pedro, Belize

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On our fourth trip to San Pedro, we really concentrated our time on just the best spots to visit.  We were not disappointed by Rojo Beach Bar, Dive Bar, Truck Stop, Secret Beach, Sandy Toes and went kiteboarding with Passionkite. There are an endless number of fun beach bars/restaurants. San Pedro is extremely family friendly, […]

[Video] How to Kiteboard Everyday

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Ok, I have no idea how to make it so that I can kiteboard everyday.  Being in a landlocked city makes that goal extremely difficult to accomplish.  But, I love the trips we take where we can get out on the water.  This latest trip to San Pedro, Belize was no different.  We got to […]