People say we make traveling with 2 young kids look easy, and this gear is how we do it. We only recommend gear that we use and love (and know that you will too)! We spend a lot of time researching products and trying to find the best deals and we want you to enjoy these deals too! The links in the product name are affiliate links to the products and companies that we love. An affiliate link doesn't cost you any extra, but for each purchase you make by clicking through we get a few pennies. If you appreciate what we do, buying some great gear through these links helps keep us going. Thanks!


Sporty Nursing Tops Image
Sporty Nursing Tops
I literally live in these tops. I have six (so far)! It is the only top I’ve found that has a built in bra and is easy to nurse in. You can simply slide the side of the shirt (by your arm-pit) towards the middle. I use these with a thin scarf (or just use my hand to cover any exposed skin, which isn’t much) when flying or in public. They are awesome!
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Mountain Buggy Duet stroller Image
Mountain Buggy Duet stroller
This is our go-to stroller right now. We use it everyday for our 2 year old and 6 month old. I love that the seats recline almost flat independently and it’s narrow enough to fit anywhere a single stroller goes. It easily folds and fits in any trunk we’ve tried and we can hang it on our basement door for storage. We check it for travel in a Baby Jogger stroller bag and it’s great for walking on the beach!
Stroller Bag - Baby Jogger Image
Stroller Bag - Baby Jogger
This bag fits the Mountain Buggy Duet perfectly. It opens fully with a zipper and the stroller is packed up in less than a minute. We also add kid’s life jackets and a travel crib to the bag. It’s a life-saver!
Mountain Buggy Nano stroller Image
Mountain Buggy Nano stroller
Nothing’s worse than having the airline misplace your stroller or damage it. This stroller is awesome because it folds down and fits in the overhead bin! It also has a seat belt on it and can take ANY infant car seat! I only wish the fold was one handed, but really nothing compares that I’ve found so far!
Lightest Carseat - Maxi Cosi Mico AP Image
Lightest Carseat - Maxi Cosi Mico AP
For the first 8-12 months you’re going to be hauling this thing around so it’s best to get one of the lightest car seats on the market. We’re using the same seat for our second child now and it still looks great. It’s easy to buckle (w/out a base) in the plane and not too cumbersome to haul around the airport. All the fabric comes off and can be thrown in the wash (which is great when your baby throws up on the way to the airport… unfortunately, we know this from experience).
Travel Crib - Phil and Teds Traveller Image
Travel Crib - Phil and Teds Traveller
…because flying with a Pack ‘n Play really isn’t an option! We throw this in the bag with the stroller now but we’ve also managed to pack it in a large checked roller bag with all of our clothes and toiletries. It only weighs 8 lbs, has a camping style ‘air’ mattress (it takes about 5 breaths to inflate) and it’s a good size crib (our two year old won’t be growing out of it anytime soon).